My interest in architecture began while growing up in Saginaw, Michigan.  As the son of  a custom residential builder/designer father and an interior designer mother, I was exposed to all of the phases every project must go through.  I remember watching my Dad in the evenings with a drafting board on his lap designing the next project.  Summers I would work on the job sites with Dad’s carpenters and craftsmen learning hands-on lessons about how buildings are built.  Move-in day was always the most exciting watching Mom carefully position every item while the client smiled with pride.  All of  these experiences allowed me to know, at a young age, I would become an architect.

Douglas Alan Wright

1972-1980 Summer Carpenter-Wright Construction Company

1981 Bachelor of Science in Architecture-Lawrence Institute of Technology

1982 Bachelor of Architecture-Lawrence Institute of Technology

1981(summer), 1982-1985 Architectural Internship-David Trautman, Architect

1985-Douglas Wright, Architect



Architecture is so much more than a building or structure.  Architecture commands your attention, telegraphs the joyful feelings of the participants, and puts the public facade on who you are.  It is my job as your architect to interpret what your architecture is as it becomes reality.

Douglas Wright, Architect




The process begins with your discovery of the architecture/architect that intrigues you.  Upon contact with the architect discuss your owners program (wish list) and show or select the building site.

The Owners Program:

  The design phases are now ready to begin.